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Let us help you increase your sales and promotion by creating the right video concepts. Our creative team will design smart video logos, intros, outros, adverts and special FX videos that attract customers. 
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Choose from the many samples listed below, pick the video style that best suits your business, then send us your logo with business information so we can design it for you. Almost every aspect of our videos can be customized to your brand's colors and theme. Order it Now!
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Choose from the wide list of video types below. Based on what type of video you need we can offer even more suggestions & samples. Order Now!
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After you order, please send us your logo and any website URL information to get started. Your logo should be a high resolution .png file or vector file.
We create the Magic
It's that simple, once you complete your order, based on the package you select below, we will have your videos ready in less than 2 days.
r1. Fashion Store Videos
These are trendy and catchy videos that feature your products or services. Promote your Amazon or Etsy store products. Promote your retail store products. Even service industry professionals can benefit from this stylish video on their websites and social pages. This video also makes an excellent Facebook video cover. Available on the Expert price package below.
r2. DJ Promo Videos
These promo videos are great for DJ clients who are releasing New Mixes and records or are promoting their next event. These videos are custom designed to be used as signature intro/outro videos for your Youtube and Facebook Live channels. These videos also work great for DJs who want to promote themselves with a facebook video cover. This is available Now on the PRO price package below.
r3. Holiday Travel Videos
These videos are professional custom designed videos for travel agents, airline companies or destination promoters. They showcase the locations and give great information about the experience. These are very popular and can be used on screens, websites, social pages. This is available on the Expert price package below.
r4. LinkedIn Promo Vids
Add these videos the end of any video you make online to encourage people to connect with you on LinkedIn. If you own an office or business with a video display, you can also have this video showcase your professional network. This is available on the Starter price package below.
r5. SoundCloud Videos
Musicians, performers, DJs, radio stations, bloggers and all audio creatives now have a SoundCloud page, and these videos are a perfect way to connect with your visual audience to help grow your following. This is available on the Starter price package below.
r6. Facebook Videos
Add these videos the end of any video you make online to encourage people to connect with you on Facebook. If you own an office or business with a video display, you can also have this video showcase your Facebook business page. This is available on the Starter price package below.
r7. Youtube Channel
Do you have an online store? Do you sell products? Do you have a blog that promotes affiliate offers?  We can design the right type of eCommerce explainer video for you. We have a wide variety of online store clients that we have been able to create videos for that start bringing in sales.
r8. Restaurant Video
We can custom design any restaurant video to match your menu, colors, branding, services and food options. These videos are perfect for customer displays or as promotional adverts on social media. This is available Now on the Expert price package.
r9. TV AD Videos
Personal Trainers and Gyms have now started to sell their own products and these types of videos can really help keep your brand and quality of service in the minds of customers. These videos do very well on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest when promoting your service and products.
r10. Real Estate Videos
These videos work well on the homepages of Realtors and Property Developers as it speaks to the level of quality and service a customer can expect before they make a decision to work with you. We have a wide selection of video options in this category to help you stand out.
r11. Training Videos
These interactive direction videos work well on mobile and web apps that want to connect with their users on a step-by-step level. You can get this style of videos designed if you want to create an immersive experience for your brand and services. These videos work best as a series.
r12. Information Videos
Many of our service industry and information-driven clients have been finding much success on social media with our information (Re-purpose) videos. Tell us more about your brand and content and we can suggest some really cool information video strategies for your audience.
r13. Radio Station Videos
With the rise in online radio stations and Live streaming audio and video, we have a dedicated team of designers that focus on making trendy promo videos that can introduce your network or stations in real time. These type of videos also work well as adverts. Order now to see more.
r14. Real Estate Videos
Now more than ever, every real estate agent or firm needs amazing videos for their social media pages, websites, and mobile apps. Our new 3D technology video logos will help your realtor company stand out as an industry leader and help bring in new and bigger clients.

r15. Mobile App Videos
Do you have a mobile app? Are you planning to launch or release a new app soon? If so then this video logo is perfect for delivering your message and keeping your audience excited about your product. We have various design options inside, for iOS and Android platforms and devices.

Our Commercial License fee is $175. However if you are an existing partner member or have our private Discount Code, then we will waive our license fee so you only cover your design package cost below.
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Check out some of the really cool testimonials, from just a few customers that we have done videos and logos for. You can also read some of the success they've been having after joining our partner programs and selling our videos as their own service to new clients.
Juelz Warner
FemMedia CEO
"I Love it, I Love it, I Love it. Oh did I mention that I love it. Seriously finding Trendy Deals website online was the best thing that happened to me."
Tom Spencer
Owner of Wave Designs
"What these guys can do, in such a short space of time is absolutely amazing. I love the quality of work and customer service. Keep it up Trendy."
Craig Miller
Creative Director OMS
"This service has been a game changer for us. We went from being just a basic design team to now offering some really cool videos as a service."
Sara Panack
"My channels now look amazing, and everyone always ask do I spend a lot on graphics and design. Trendy Deals video service is a must have"
Anna Lee
Self Employed
"I'm so glad I created a business account with you guys. I mean I was looking for a way to save money while still getting quality videos and I got it."
Kurtis Schultz
"I was attracted immediately to the quality of video designs and the price point is very affordable, so now I have one less thing to worry about."
Our Pricing Plans
We offer the best value for money, given the quality of work we produce. However we understand that not everyone has big budgets, so we want to make our prices as trendy as possible, to help you grow and expand your services.
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